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Upgrading To Hyperion

Hyperion release includes several performance improvements as well as some great features. It is likely that the combination of these new additions will be beneficial to any business; however it is difficult to ascertain when the best time is to upgrade. A structured decision can be made by looking at infrastructure, support and functionality. Of course, Thought IT can help you through every stage of your upgrade process.

Improved Functionality

The greatest benefit of upgrading is the improved capabilities found in newer versions. Generally, the newest version includes greater reliability, ability to customise and granulate further as well as being able to streamline the financial year end process.

Below you’ll find a summary of noteworthy new features and improvements:

Smart View

The new Hyperion Planning Admin Extension for Smart View allows Planning administrators to update the metadata and to create and refresh the cubes from Smart View.

Hyperion Planning

Creating Members “on the fly” - Users can create members when working with business rules in module application if the member does not exist and the rules need them.

Flexible Custom Dimensions - Users can define and manage different dimension hierarchies in each plan type.

New Task List Types - Users can create a Copy Version task to copy a current form’s data for a particular source and destination version and also can create a Job Console task to view current jobs by type and status.

Task List Dashboard and Report Page - Task list dashboard allows users to create charts that graphically present the status of task lists and the Task List Report page allows users to create Microsoft Excel worksheets and PDF reports that contain task list data.

Outline Load Utility Enhancements - Now users can also use Outline Load utility to export metadata to a relational data source and export data to a flat file. Earlier it was possible only using command line.

Planning Flat File Load Interface - Planning administrators can use a new Planning flat file load user interface to import and export metadata without using command line from or to a flat file.

Aggregate Storage Option - Users can create an ASO plan type during the creation of application using Planning Application Administration or using the new Plan Type Editor. This ASO database has the advantages of writing back to zero level, higher level of granularity, faster aggregation and also supports application with large and complex dimensionality.

New Plan Type Editor - allows the user to add, edit and delete plan types.

Hyperion Financial Management

Application Type - Now the user can select the application type as Consolidation or Tax Provisioning when they create the application.

Data Form Enhancement - The user can show or hide the dimensions in the POV and set the order of dimensions when they define the form. On-demand-rules are possible so the user can calculate the subset in the data form.

Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition

This is the combination of Financial Data Quality Management and ERP Integrator.

EPM Workspace

In this new release OBIEE content can be accessed and created using Workspace.

Financial Reporting

Users can access, view and interact with Financial Reporting Reports on their Apple iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets using its default browser. Using these devices, users can also browse repository, launch reports and books in HTML or PDF format, change POV, respond to prompts, change page members etc.

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