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Webinar : Implementing Hyperion System 11
Co-presented by Thought-IT and Triometric, this webinar talks through the methodologies and best practices for a successful implementation ..
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As part of a complete and rounded service, our commitment does not end with your application going live. We can guide you through the support arrangements that you need to have in place to ensure that the system continues to perform successfully and met needs over many years. And we can provide that support for you, either completely, or as a valuable part of your complete support system.

Our support offering is made up of a number of elements, allowing you to create a tailored package by picking the services you require.

We offer a service level agreement (SLA) based approach, allowing you to pay an annual cost, with contractually guaranteed response times. This typically includes a fixed number of days, with the option to have a discounted rate for additional days.

On-call service. For key days, such as critical reporting periods, you can pay a fee to have a consultant available 'on-call', with typically a guaranteed next business day response time. If the consultant is actually called out, then the balance of the daily rate becomes payable.

Telephone support, on-line support. We can provide telephone and email or web-based support, with guaranteed response times. Generally the access is restricted to specific individuals, and the service is charged on a time basis.

We can provide ad hoc (i.e., without an SLA) support. This would be charged at our normal daily rates, and would be subject to availability.

In addition to the elements above, we are happy to discuss any specific additional support options that you require