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Strategic Services

With over 100 years of combined experience in addressing the finance data systems requirements of large, multinational blue-chip organisations, our consultants are ideally placed to help companies put a robust and effective financial systems strategy in place. We can guide you through the process, help you validate the plan, and oversee or undertake the task of implementing the strategy.

Key benefits of using our team are:

  • We bring a wealth of knowledge from our existing client base, in terms of strategic direction and systems implementation best practice.
  • Equally, we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the financial system market in general, and of business performance management and BI in particular.
  • Business Process Review - We can help you to undertake a review of your existing systems and processes. This includes documenting, analyzing and understand the current situation - what works well, the pain factors, the internal and external drivers behind any changes required.

We can help you create a strategy with an integrated systems plan that meets your business objectives. This is unique for each organisation, but typically includes:

  • Have a streamlined, automated flow of data from source systems through to reporting and analytics. This means minimizing manual data transfer, and moves the effort from keying and reconciliation to understanding and analysis
  • The system needs to meet all requirements for management, compliance and statutory reporting, and internal processing requirements. This includes consolidation and aggregation of data.
  • Safeguarding data integrity and accuracy. Providing transparency and visibility of data flows, and ensuring data security, reliability and control.
  • Having an appropriate set of reporting tools. This is likely to include production reports, key indicators, metrics and analytics, and ad hoc tools to provide drill-through capability. The tools need to be easy to use.
  • Allow for data to be modeled, in formal budget/forecast situations, and for what-if type analysis, with the ability to see impact on key indicators of varying assumptions

Search and Selection: We can guide you through the process, helping you to produce rated, measurable evaluation criteria, and to go through the process of short-listing. We help you benchmark different vendors, and design requirements for any proof of concept exercise.