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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office, and especially Excel and Access are ubiquitous in finance functions across the globe. In the right circumstances, they are excellent and highly productive tools. However, this flexibility and power also represents a potentially uncontrolled environment with serious issues concerning mission critical data applications.

Thought IT helps clients to take a strategic view on their use of Microsoft products in the finance environment. We have a high degree of technical expertise, and regularly design robust solutions where Excel or Access form an element of a larger overall application.

Our work includes:

  • Audit and review of spreadsheet and database applications.
  • Our aim is to document the system, highlight any weaknesses or problem areas, and advise on best practice.
  • Identification and resolution of issues, advice on solutions.
  • Optimisation.
  • We can help make an existing application more robust, automated, maintainable and with greater visibility of data and structure.
  • Migration.
  • Where you have an existing solution, such as a spreadsheet-based consolidation, which is no longer tenable, we can help you find and implement the most appropriate robust system.
  • Creating new applications.
  • This is clearly a major part of the work we undertake for clients.
  • Example applications includes reporting, logistics, integration with other systems, web-enabling excel/access data.
  • Strategic use of microsoft products. We can help you put a plan in action that will ensure that you use the right tools, and that you use them optimally to create robust, problem-free applications.

Training: Our approach to training is unique, and differs from the standard 'beginner, intermediate, advanced' offering. Given our primary focus of providing real-world solutions to accounting and finance staff, our training is totally geared to unlock the productivity features that are relevant to this audience.