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Oracle Hyperion Enterprise

Enterprise is Hyperion's best-in-class windows-based management reporting and consolidation system. One of our preferred products, it is an off-the-shelf application that can be customized for use by different companies and for different applications within a company. It allows data to be collected from a variety of sources, and for different operating units. This data can be aggregated based upon pre-defined rules, and reported using several different methods. Using Enterprise V6.5 allows businesses to see one version of the truth via its web-enabled functionality.

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise 6.5 What's New?

  • Hyperion Enterprise Extraction Utility - This utility allows you to extract metadata, account lists, entity lists, journals, data and logic from Hyperion Enterprise for import into other consolidation products. In this release, you'll be able to extract the Hyperion Enterprise application into a format that can be utilized by Oracle’s Hyperion Financial Management.
  • Hyperion Enterprise Data Drill-back to FDM - This feature enables you to view details of the imported FDM data. You can drill down from a Hyperion Enterprise database cell or the Hyperion Enterprise web data grid to Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Fusion Edition to view details of the data source.
  • Enterprise Server Administration
  • Message Server – Send messages to users on application when backup takes place
  • Application Backup and Restore Utility
  • Data Entry and Database display enhancements – Display Account Label and / or Description in grid
  • Enhanced Error Messaging – more detail now provided
  • Security Access Reports
  • Support Report and Book labels
  • Reports and Books Folder structure in hierarchy
  • Right menu enabled to manage the sets
  • All components installed to single directory and able to modify
  • Menu Option – HP Retrieve or VBA Retrieve
  • Microsoft Office 2007 supported
  • Smart View – Copy Excel data to Word, PowerPoint and Outlook updates directly fed from Enterprise
  • Connection Manager – Connects to other Hyperion sources
  • Customize and automate common tasks using VBA functions

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Enterprise Overview and Features